Park Avenue Lofts For Sale

The Park Avenue Lofts offer modern-day living with a classic appeal within the historic Mill district of Minneapolis. The traditional design is unassuming and it blends in nicely with the brick exterior buildings in the surrounding neighborhood. Exposed pipes and ductwork in the living units offer an industrial décor that many of today’s urban residents crave as units are between 1,035 square feet and 3,650 square feet. There is also a 1,400 square foot rooftop deck for overlooking the neighborhood and the Minneapolis skyline.

If you have questions about Park Avenue Lofts please let us know. We have information on non-listed units.

For more info:

Park Avenue Lofts
200 Park Avenue Minneapolis,MN 55415
To view properties call 612-326-0940
Park Avenue Lofts Association
Phone Number (952) 277-2700